Clavia Nord Keyboards – A Forerunner in the Digital Keyboard Industry

Apple had Steve Jobs, a notable leader in computer industry development. As with Jobb, Hans Nordelius and Mikael Carlsson started what would be the Nord keyboard 1983, with Digital Percussion Plate 1 as their predecessor.

This symbolized pioneering technology in the electronic music industry with the ddrum brand introduced the following in 1984. So far, many believe that all four of the release ddrum versions have been the finest ever created. Their divisive success was due to the use of actual drums and hoops instead of the typical plastic material or rubber.

The first synthesizer to emulate analog appeared in 1995 as the Nord Lead synthesizer. A notable program designer, Magnus Kjellander, appeared in 1996 and delivered a whole new way that culminated in Nord Modular, another first, now on the modular digital synthesis arena.

At that time, Clavia Nord, as it was now known, was rolling. Nord Electro, which imitated the classical electro-mechanical synthesizers, arrived in 2001 as well as Nord Lead 3.

One should consider the importance of this development in its field. Nord Stage emerged in 2005, followed by the 2nd model Clavia tonewheel model, which is part of the dual manual Nord C1 Combo body 2007. Many of these models were innovative and the foremost of their type. And it doesn't end there.

Think of Harley Davidson, Nike, Adidas, Mercedes, Audi, Chevrolet. Each of these brands has its clear logo and selection. The same applies to the North with their "red" product coverage, a tradition of excellence.

North keyboards leave almost everything on the market and for instrumentalists, they are particularly light and intuitive devices to rely on. Something that is not on the drawing board can at any time leave a vacant conversation. Not an idea is dismissed, everything is being considered.

There is cohesion in the creativity and design of Clavia Nord which is simply unmatched. Production is outstanding, with every step of processing, testing and quality assurance at the forefront of its operations.

The North is only about a few top suppliers that meet strict requirements. All product components are subject to quality reviews. The production process is closely monitored – from the first subassembly to the final closed unit. Each component is carefully evaluated, assembled and inspected. When it fails, the process is stopped and restarted.

The Nordfabriken is located in an area in Stockholm called SoFo. In contrast to Apple's current production facilities, Nord's facilities are located in a history of three floors of historic industrial brick. Machines or high technology do not build Nord keyboards. They are conscious and skilled hand-assembled by work musicians who recognize high quality, progress and holiness of what they work with.