Mercedes Benz

Oh sir, could you buy me Mercedes Benz? The most popular song by Janis Joplin portrays the nations' longing for one of the best German cars the world has ever had. Mercedes Benz is in the wish list for everyone and others. Mercedes Benz was first named in 1926 by Austrian girl Mercedes Jellinek daughter of Emil Jellinek and its surname from Karl Benz founder of Mercedes Benz manufacturing company. Mercedes Benz started its marketing with powerful slogan Das Beste Oder Nichts, which means The Best or Nothing, and it really is one of the extra ordinary cars, unique in its features that follows the state standard to give its customers the best car in their life .

Mercedes Benz continues to be in its tenth generation and has retained its stylistic image with luxurious healthy looks, glossy texture and silence. Mercedes Benz is believed to be the evergreen car because of its timeless body style, texture and color, but before it is hot cake it has got its beauty through hard beating. The car is immersed in 52 tons of anti-corrosion solution before it goes to painting to make it even more immutable, it is sprayed through the four varnishes between hand polishing and finally sprayed with salt resistant paint to enhance the glossy effects.

Mercedes Benz has its reputation through its meticulous work. It goes through the intensive thousand of separate inspections under the supervision of 11 people. The motors are tested and tested. each part is double-checked. It stabilizes and welds in 10,000 places and ensures that there is no loose screw to make rattle and whistling sounds. You can have quality time in the car, even if the engine is very old. During the inspection process, oil is filled with oil more than 60 times to rinse off the dirt, each hollow part is brushed with zinc dust to protect against rust.

In addition, Mercedes is added with power steering in steering which facilitates the driver when handling the car. One of the most useful aspects of this car is the suspension system attached to the seasonal spring that provides a stable and firm ride while driving without feeling car sick. Benz sites are designed by expert advice with orthopedic doctors to support the back, knee joint and kidneys. Tires used in them are of high quality with extra low resistance and low noise emissions for optimum stability and control.

Over time, Mercedes Benz has always approached new inventions, so it was the first car based on diesel engine, the first car having brakes on all four wheels. In fact, seat belts, petrol belts, traction control and airbag were introduced for the first time. And now it has come up with new innovation with dynamic quality in addition to the external beauty, it is pioneering high in engine technology. It uses power plants with the latest direct injection and turbocharging technology. It is rated at 210 horsepower 400 lb ft. Torque provides 31 mpg on highways. Double clutch, stability control, traction control, navigation system, iPod input, satellite radio, automatic transmission where seven automatic transmissions have been changed for fuel efficiency. It is built with high quality with composite brake, extra coolant and aerodynamic body modification, a rear diffuser, reagent differential lock and wider track with 19 inch wheels and supported by good fuel economy.

Mercedes Benz is therefore carefully designed and constructed since. It is no surprise that it has won 35 Grand Prix titles as a designer. Mercedes Benz is well designed, external stylist and internally satisfied. It's car to die for.