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Women’s Fashion Jewelry

Women are God's most beautiful creation. However, in order to preserve the beauty, it is very important that we should take more preventive measures. In the same way, to improve your beauty that is less with age, it is also important that we use several things that can make them ...

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Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry has been in the world since the guard of civilization. Men and women have both invoked this luxury to add to their beauty. Over time, each phase of jewelry design went through various changes. Although beads, stones and scales were used by early men to make jewelry, with the ...

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Wedding Jewelry Guidelines

Your ring will not be the only piece of jewelry you will have on your wedding day. There are other wedding jewelry to consider, such as earrings. It is important that you plan ahead so that you are not stuck trying to find any matching pieces at the last minute. ...

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“I Can Only Wear Gold Jewelry”

I can only wear gold jewelry, everything else breaks me out. " How many times did I hear the exact phrase from my mother when I was a child? Every time I would give her jewelry was her answer. Why does anything but gold break my mother out? Is that ...

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How To Read Jewelry Marks

Number tags on precious gold jewelry is a little confusion for many people. We used to see a carat or silver mark like this: 10K, 14K, 18K, Sterling, etc. The numbers mean the same thing. The 14k number is technically 583 but most manufacturers adopted the European road and makes ...

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Is Giving Jewelry Too Personal for a Co

Jewelry can seem like the perfect gift for a loved one for a few different occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries; to Valentine's Day. But what about a gift for friends and colleagues? Is the gift of unusual handmade jewelry for personal? The true answer is that it depends on the ...

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